I’ve just finished the first in a hopefully long series of projects aimed at setting down roots in my new home of Asheville, NC. Where did I start? with a bed, of course. I’ve always wanted an outdoor bed and now I live in a place where I can sleep outside eight or nine months of the year. While the leaves are out I can’t see any other buildings. The drawers underneath are for clothes and books. There are bird feeders on two sides. The corner benches are seating; eventually I’ll build more bench seats around the circle. So far I haven’t had any problems from critters. My sleeping platform easily comes apart and can be moved should the need arise. And yes, i do have a mosquito net. I took it down for the photo.

I’ve already started my next project; an open air wood shop where I can start building the succeeding project: an 8×12 modular cabin that can be assembled and disassembled by two people and transported with just a pickup truck. The design is coming together. Hopefully I will build it in October. Hopefully the cold weather will wait until I’m done. Little by little I’m working towards an 8×16 cabin on a flatbed trailer; but that is years away.