Settling into Barnardsville

Settling into Barnardsville

It took 8 months but I finally feel settled into my new homestead in Barnardsville, NC. Since May I have dropped trees, cleared an old logging road, set up my outdoor bed, flattened the cabin and outdoor kitchen site, set the new locust posts, set up a yurt workshop, disassembled my cabin in Asheville, moved it 20 miles north, to Barnardsville, set it back up, and then finished the season building a wrap around deck.

The actual cabin moving took 12 days with a massive amount of help from my friends and one tractor (Thank you sweet friends!) The rain gods had a bone to pick with me and graced me with afternoon thunderstorms every single day starting as soon as I got my roof off. At one point my cabin looked like a miniature swimming pool with several inches of water; I’m looking for new wood flooring.

But thankfully the hard work is behind me. Now I get to enjoy living on the side of a mountain, in an amazing valley, surrounded by amazing forests and a wonderful community of friends. I still have big plans for a pop-out bedroom, an outdoor kitchen, a wood-fired hot tub, and many other projects but there is no urgency. I think I will sit for a while first.

How to Move a Modular Cabin in Just 4 Days

How to Move a Modular Cabin in Just 4 Days

Two and a half years ago I built a tiny modular cabin knowing full well that I would have to take it apart and move it one day. Well that day has come. Fortunately, I am moving my cabin to an absolutely dreamy spot on the side of a mountain in Barnardsville, 20 miles north of Asheville, NC. My new home is walking distance from a swimming hole, has plenty of bottom land for gardening, and is surrounded by forest. It’s everything I hoped for.

On June 30th I will start taking apart the cabin. I am hoping to get it down, moved and reassembled in 4 days. The only way I will be able to pull that off is with a lot of community support. So if you have some time and would like to help out I would really appreciate it. Let me know if you can.


Almost Home

Last weekend I had a very successful work party that saw the floor of my cabin going down and the walls going up in one day. The community spirit present on that day was amazing. Thank you all for your help! A few days later a smaller crew helped lift the very heavy roof onto the walls; no small feat. In the next few days I will install the windows and the door and then I will finally have a heatable space to get me through the short but looming winter. Thankfully the gods were smiling upon me and gave me an amazingly beautiful November to build in. Now I can spend the winter slowly finishing my cabin.

My 8×12 Portable Cabin

I am a week away from raising my tiny cabin. I’ve been scavenging materials all summer and framing out the wall panels for the last few weeks. Once I put the exterior sheathing on I can do the trial run assembly in the warehouse where I’ve been building it. Next Sunday is the house raising party. You should join us.

It is a simple concept: a cabin that can be assembled and disassembled by three or four people and moved with just a pickup truck. It is coming together nicely. 26 wall, floor, and roof panels that screw together. slide in the windows. put on the metal roofing. and then I’ll have my very own home that I can take with me when I go. Not that I am planning on going anywhere.


Building Roots

I’ve just finished the first in a hopefully long series of projects aimed at setting down roots in my new home of Asheville, NC. Where did I start? with a bed, of course. I’ve always wanted an outdoor bed and now I live in a place where I can sleep outside eight or nine months of the year. While the leaves are out I can’t see any other buildings. The drawers underneath are for clothes and books. There are bird feeders on two sides. The corner benches are seating; eventually I’ll build more bench seats around the circle. So far I haven’t had any problems from critters. My sleeping platform easily comes apart and can be moved should the need arise. And yes, i do have a mosquito net. I took it down for the photo.

I’ve already started my next project; an open air wood shop where I can start building the succeeding project: an 8×12 modular cabin that can be assembled and disassembled by two people and transported with just a pickup truck. The design is coming together. Hopefully I will build it in October. Hopefully the cold weather will wait until I’m done. Little by little I’m working towards an 8×16 cabin on a flatbed trailer; but that is years away.

The World Gets Smaller

I’ve just moved into my smallest living space yet. It’s interior dimensions are 7.5 by 7.5 feet for a spacious 56 square feet of personal space. I built a loft that folds up to give me more daytime workspace and installed an indoor propane heater to enable me to stay cozy despite the 3 degrees that it dropped to last night. I’ve begun surrounding my shack with bird feeders so that I can claim ornithological studies as I lay on my loft and stare out the window. With the loft folded up I could probably host a four person jam session but will have to stop short of a square dance.

So far Indiana is giving me the sunny snowy weather I was hoping for. People warned me of gray weather akin to the northwest but so far so good. We got about 5 inches of snow the day I took this picture and it’s been sunny ever since. Hopefully it will stick around.